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Archive No.1: A Small Collection Of Drawings


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Author: Hattie Stewart / Foreword by Brodie Lancaster 

Page count: 310

Edition: 300

18 x 23 x 3 cm  

Design: Tilda Rawls

Photography: Sam Ford

Printer: F E Burman

Archive No.1 is a greatest hits, a catalogue of some of my personal practice to date. The 310 pages include personal sketchbooks, drawings, digitally resolved pieces, motifs and patterns from as far back 2010. 

"The worn and well-loved pages of her sketchbook show how Hattie has evolved as an artist, but also, comfortingly, how much her style has stayed the same. Her work is as slick and smart and sexy as ever as she’s gone from doodlebomber to professional doodler, an artist sought out and hired (and poorly imitated by the ones not clever enough to just hire her), but the freedom remains. The maximalism and tactile quality is there, thanks to her abiding love of Posca pens. 

The line between cheeky and sinister is fine. Never is that clearer than in Hattie Stewart’s illustrations of tongues...."

- Brodie Lancaster 

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